Good thing toddlers like to re-read books…

Well, we’re still enjoying the hospitality at Children’s Hospital.  Madison slept OK, and pretty much made it through until 5am.  Her mood is fine, but she is still not eating or drinking.  She refused liquids after about noon yesterday, but finally drank 2-3 ounces of juice when she woke up this morning. We really can’t take her home unless she can hydrate herself.  Her IV went bad, so they had to pull it.  On one hand, not having an IV makes things like eating and mobility much easier for Madison.  On the other hand, it also means a new IV if she doesn’t start drinking (and she is a very hard person to stick).

Her cold has really set in, and she is left with a really squawky voice and a really runny nose.  No fever, though.  Still, her mood is staying pretty good.  Right now, she is in her bed trading kisses with her Snoopy.

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