Some Pictures

So I promised some photos; here we go.  The first bunch are from Madison’s recent hospital stay.  One of her therapists recommended we take photos and create a scrap album for her so we can review what happens at the hospital for her.  We have a bunch of photos for her benefit, but for here I selected a few highlights.  At the end are some recent photos of the other two.

Here is Madison and Dad in the MRI room.


Here is Madison in the MRI.  They show Dora videos on a little TV, so there is an upside for Madison.


Our regular surgeon Dr. Wilkinson was on vacation, so this week we were helped by Dr. O’Neill.  Here he is looking at the MRI results.  If you can see the picture, the large white spaces are the fluid collections we’ve been talking about.  Normally, those should be very small slits or not be there at all.


She got her first regular bed, as opposed to a crib, and really enjoyed the space.


The extra space is good for napping.  She looks really small in a big bed.


At Children’s , they have red Radio Flyer wagons for the kids to ride around in.  Madison loves hers.


Here are Julie and Madison about to go into the operating room.  We have to wear bunny suits, but we can go back with her before she gets the anesthesia.


Here are Madison and Dad in the operating room.


The surgery is over and Madison is still zonked out.


After every surgery, they do x-rays to confirm proper placement of the shunt


The morning after the surgery (before the latest seizure), she looked like she was pretty happy.  She had IVs in both hands, which made it a little hard to do anything.


The morning after the seizure, she was in a good mood again.  Here she is freshening up.


All clean!


That’s all the hospital pictures for now.  Two weeks ago, Aunt Beccy and Cousin Anna came to visit.  We took the kids to the zoo in Colorado Springs.  They let you get really close to the animals.


Noah is learning to climb really well.


And Chloe?  Monkey see, monkey do.


Last weekend, we took the kids to the beach at the Cherry Creek Reservoir.  Here is Madison enjoying some sun.


Here is Chloe enjoying a very sandy cheese stick.


Noah had a total blast.  Here is a panoramic of the beach.  The little guy running through the middle is Noah.


Noah stops for snack time.  He still looks like Bill.


Back at home, Madison hands out Cheetos for the others.


Madison also started pre-school last week at the Anchor Center.  Here she is about to go inside.


Here is her teacher Sarah welcoming her for her first day.


That’s all for now.  Madison is still in the hospital, but we’re hopeful she’ll go home tomorrow.

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