Code Blue

Madison had another seizure today.  There is a risk of seizure following any brain surgery due to swelling, bleeding or just general poking of the brain.  That’s why she had the seizure in December of 2008 and we think that’s why she had this one.

I came back to the hospital after heading home to shower and see the other kids.  Madison had woken in a bad mood, but she cheered up after getting some Tylenol.  For the next few hours, she was happy and pretty much herself.  At around 3, she started to get cranky so we figured she was overdue for a nap.  As she settled in for her nap, she threw up again.  We cleaned her up and tucked her back in.  Julie went home to see the kids and I stayed with Madison.

I was sitting on the couch in the room, and periodically checking to see if Madison had fallen asleep.  I heard her cough a couple of times and after another minute or two, I checked her again.  I immediately noticed that her lips were quivering exactly as they had the last time she had a seizure.  She was unresponsive, so I immediately called the nurse.  Welcome to our first Code Blue (her last seizure happened down the hall from ER, so rather than calling a code blue at that time, we went to them).

Lots of people responded right away.  There was an immediate response from the nurses on the floor followed by some early response people from the critical care unit and pediatric intensive care unit.  Then came a team of Code Bluers or something.  At the maximum, there were 12+ people in the room not counting me and Madison.  She was not breathing on her own, so they put an oxygen mask on her and bagged her to keep her oxygen levels up.

They administered a host of medications to stop the seizure and it seemed to last about 10 minutes from the time I first observed it.  I had called Julie as soon as the Code Blue was called, and she was able to get back right around then.  Once Madison was stable and breathing on her own, she was scheduled for an emergency CT scan to see what was what.

She had a small amount of bleeding from the surgery; enough to cause a seizure but not enough to worry about otherwise.  Again, the seizure may also just have been caused by poking around.  We’ll never really know for sure.  Madison is back in her bed, but this time she’s on anti-seizure medications.  If this is like the last time, she’ll stay on that for a couple of weeks while she recovers from the surgery.  She’s pretty tired, but responsive, and her left arm is pretty weak. The doctors tell us that it isn’t uncommon to have weakness for a day or so in the area where the seizure started.

Julie and I will both stay here tonight, but with the anti-seizure meds coursing through her, the risk of another one is pretty low right now.

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