Another one done

Number 18 is in the books.  After waiting most of the day, Madison made it in for surgery at around 7pm Saturday night.  She actually started to look much better as the day progressed, and we had some second thoughts about going through with it.  However, her eyes kept swimming, so we knew there was still a problem.

The surgery went smoothly, and the surgeon is pretty confident the catheter was indeed plugged, probably by some blood from the previous procedure.  She was out of surgery around 9:30 and upstairs just after 10.   She was still swinging from good moods to bad moods, but just before I left she started asking for something to drink.  She hadn’t done that all day.

Carolina brought Noah by to visit around lunch and Amanda brought both Chloe and Noah while Madison was in surgery.  They had a model train exposition happening in the lobby that we thought the kids might like.  However, that paled in comparison to the glass elevator,  Noah and Chloe insisted on riding up and down at least a dozen times.

At the end of the day, Julie is spending the night at the hospital and I went home to crash.  Hope Madison is on the road to recovery tomorrow.

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