#18 Later Today (third in just over a week)

So, Madison is still not getting better.  She has occasional periods of happy moods, but the rest of the time she spends sleeping or dry heaving.  Her surgeon came by this morning and feels pretty certain there is another shunt issue.  The problem with complex shunts like Madison’s is that it’s very common to need a revision after a recent revision.  Once you touch one part, there is a chance some other part can be impacted.  That’s why Madison’s surgeries come in flurries.  This time, the catheter that was replaced last week does not seem to be working again.  It may have been clogged by some loose tissue or some clogging blood, and the only way to tell for sure is to replace it.

Her surgery will get on the schedule sometime this afternoon.  I’ll update when we learn more.

In the meantime, Noah still enjoying his first sleepover at Carolina’s house and Chloe is at home playing with Gia.

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