Still not home

Madison didn’t get out of the hospital today.  She started the day OK, after a good night’s sleep.  When she woke she drank a ton of milk, but still didn’t want solid foods.  She also seemed a bit wobbly, which wasn’t totally surprising since she hasn’t had a great week.  She started to act a little cranky by mid morning, and that’s when she started vomiting again.

She threw up three times throughout the day (whenever she tried to drink anything), so the doctors ordered another MRI.  The scan showed enlarged ventricles on the right side this time.  Our surgeon wants to see how she does overnight before he decides what to do.

Julie is spending the night at the hospital, and I get to sleep at home.  It occurred to me that since Tuesday at around noon, I’ve spent a grand total of 9 hours outside the hospital and only saw Chloe and Noah briefly on Wednesday.  Carolina took Noah to her house for a sleep over, and I caught them before they left so I could say goodbye.  So, it’s just me and Chloe at home.  She got to enjoy dinner out with Daddy and a stroll through the mall at Northfield just for her.  The whole evening she kept reciting, “Mommy’s at the hospital with Madison, and Noah is with Carolina, and Chloe is having dinner out with Daddy!”  I’ll head back to the hospital to join Julie in the morning and see what the doctors say.

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