Brief post-holiday update

Sorry it’s been so long since the last entry, but life has been unexpectedly busy (even for us).  Mostly the kids have been healthy, aside from the passing cold.  The only exception was we finally got RSV at our house (the virus we were avoiding at all costs last year).  The kids are big enough where it’s just a bad chest cold if treated right.

We had a busy finish to the year with a few visitors.  We had company for Christmas, Julie’s dad came to visit, and Drue came with his friend Thomas.  Here are the pictures from all that went on.

On Christmas day, Carolina and Gia came to visit.  Carolina brought her cuatro, which she learned to play as a child in Venezuela.  Here she is passing her skills to the kids, with some private lessons for Chloe.




The kids got PJs for Christmas.  The spend much of the morning in various stages of undress as they raced to try them all on .








Does a blanket over the head go with red PJs or blue?



Fights over who gets to open what.  Wrapping paper is still as exciting as the gifts.



We also got some snow around the holidays.  Noah doesn’t look any happier than the last time we got snow.




Chloe seems excited, though.




Madison got a hand from Amanda.



I’m short on time, so here is just a collection of random photos.  More commentary hopefully next time.


The kids got tricycles for Christmas.



Noah mistakes Maggie for a horse.



Dinner out with Drue and Thomas.



Chloe before painting.  How can I tell?  No paint on her mouth.



Chloe learned to climb up the outside of the railing on the steps.  One time she fell off, and broke the table below her.  It was like watching something out of a Western.



Erika and the kids.



Dad reviewing some signs with Madison (this one is the sign for keys).



Madison’s hands are always a blur when opening gifts.



Noah enjoys a cold one.


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