Here come the holidays

Time for another update.  Everyone is healthy and happy, so this will just be a bunch of pictures and updates on the fun we’ve been having.  Since our last update, we’ve had Thanksgiving and a whole host of pre-holiday festivities.

Here’s Noah, in his Mickey Mouse PJs, trying to wake up.

The Langers gave the kids new pairs of winter boots.  They loved the boots almost as playing with the paper that wrapped them.

Chloe can put her boots on by herself.  She is also getting much more vocal by the way.  We were headed out to a holiday event when Beth came over.  Chloe proudly announced, “Put boots on.  Go see Santa!”

We also had out first snowfall of the season.  At first it was fun.

That emotion quickly turned to, “I look ridiculous, and my butt is frozen.”

Couple of random photos.  Noah having trouble waking up.

Chloe got into her clothing drawer at night.  Here’s how we found her.  She’s peering through the leg hole in her bathing suit.

Fun with Post-Its.

Our neighborhood had a lighting ceremony to kick of the holidays.  Here are Julie, Noah and Mona.

And here’s the gang.  As usual, the kids outnumber the adults.

We have a place called the Wildlife Experience that has all sorts of indoor nature exhibits for kids.  A the rainforest area, there is a cave entrance with two of those fake, red-paper torches mounted on the wall.  Noah loved them, and stood at the entrance for about 10 minutes, pointing at the torches and saying, “Fire!” over and over again.

It’s not often we can get them to all stay still long enough for a photo together.

Noah loves light switches and ceiling fans.  Here he is turning the kitchen light on and off and on and off and on…you get the point.

Carolina came over for Thanksgiving.  Here she is with Noah.

Gia was over too.

The kids spent time riding their busses.  Madison does not look too happy with the holiday traffic.

Noah still loves hats.  All he needs is a banjo, and he can reenact a scene from the movie Deliverance.

Sometime you can’t help but wonder what goes through their minds when they do stuff.  Chloe took her clothes off, put her jacket on, crawled under the kitchen table and fell asleep.  Julie gave her a blanket so she could maintain a little modesty.

The week before last, Matt, Roger and I all needed to throw on ties for an event.  The kids, meanwhile, were dressed up to head to a holiday party.  We took advantage of the coincidence for a nice photo.

At the party, another “What were they thinking moment?”.  “I think I’ll shove half of a muffin in my mouth and crawl under that desk over there.  That’s a sound plan.”

At one point at the party, Julie turned around and couldn’t find Chloe.  Someone quickly pointed her out.  She made her way up to the front of the room to help Santa ring the bell

At Madison’s school, they had a holiday party as well.  One highlight was a horse-drawn carriage.  Here’s Beth and the kids.

Later, the kids got to meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus.  It was a bit awkward  when Santa gave Madison a CD (pictured below) and she informed him that she gets all of her music from iTunes. “CDs are so old school, Santa.”

Finally, we hit our last pre-holiday party.  This was a breakfast at the Wildlife Experience.  Believe it or not, Santa was there.  Man, can that guy get around. 

See you after the holidays.



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