Birthday’s, Halloween and much more.

Lot has been happening in the past month.  Everyone is healthy and happy.  Singing is getting much more popular around the house, and it usually starts with Madison kicking it off.  She’ll look at you and ask, “Daddy sing the Hello Song for Madison?”.  You can oblige her, but then that leads to something like, “Daddy sing Old McDonald had a Cow song (sic) for Madison?”.  It can go on for a while.  If there no one else around, like at night, we can hear her ask herself “Madison sing the Wheels on the Bus song?”, which she follows with, “OK!” and then the song.  This morning she sang the goodbye song for Maggie and Chloe pitched in and sang it with her.

The time that has passed since the last entry as seen a birthday, a visit from Grandma, and Halloween, just to name a few highlights.  I’ll try to touch on as much as I can, and there are lots of new photos.

It’s amazing to us that the kids are already 2.  It’s really quite a trip to page back through this blog and see all of the “adventures” we’ve experienced along the way.  To think that Noah, while still small, was 2¾ pounds at birth is unreal and I’m not sure I can even remember holding him when he was that small.  Now, I have to put him down because my arms get tired.  Madison, whom at one point could not stay out of surgery for more than a couple of weeks, is a singing star.  And Chloe..well she hasn’t changed much.  She is a “Type A”, to put it mildly.

Noah is still addicted to his blanket.  He’ll go everywhere he can with a corner of it jammed in his mouth.  He has a Pooh bear that can substitute in a pinch, but if we are out for the day he’ll run back in to the house and dive into his blanket like he hasn’t seen it in years.


Occasionally, Chloe will need to share the blanket but in this case Noah offered up the blanket to cover Maggie who was napping on the floor.


Noah is still into hats, which in this case actually involved a real hat.

Chloe took it a step further and went around the house to put the hat on everyone, including Maggie.

The girls recovered fine from surgery, and we have an appointment next week to see how things ended up.  Madison’s eyes look a little better, although one still has the tendency to wander.

Chloe’s eyes look great, but that didn’t prevent her from doing her best Ray Charles in the disposable glasses the doctor gave us.

One of the benefits of living in Denver is the accessibility of outdoor activities for the kids.  One easy thing to do in the Fall is to take the kids to a farm.  We went to one earlier this season to pick vegetables, but just before Halloween went to one for a Fall festival.

The Langer’s joined us, and here they are about to leave on the hay ride.


And here we are, about to let the kids run wild in the hay maze.

The hay maze was just like a hedge maze, except that the walls were only three feet high.  This made it great for the kids, but allowed parents to keep tabs on everyone’s progress.  Here’s Gia giving some tips to Noah.

After the maze, Noah and Gia picked out a pumpkin together.


The next day, we joined the Langers at the baptism of their newest addition, Mario.  Chloe was all dressed up.


Kathy was nice enough to lend an extra set of hands while we tried to sit quietly in the back row.

Madison didn’t get the memo about being quiet, and just as the ceremony started she looked up at Kathy and said, “I see Roger.”  Then shouted out to the front of the room, “Hi, Roger! Hi, Mona!”  These may seem like small things, but it’s really nice to see Madison doing so well visually and otherwise.

The next big event was Halloween, and really the first one the kids could start to enjoy not so much for the candy as the costumes.  We decided to subject them to a theme this year, and they went dressed as characters from Winnie the Pooh.

First there was Madison, who went dressed as Eeyore.


Then there was Noah, who is pictured here checking out the ears of his Tigger costume.


Finally, there was Chloe who without any surprise came dressed as Pooh (and honeypot).


Rather than taking them out trick or treating, we took them to an even called the Boo at the Zoo, where local merchants set up booths inside the zoo for the kids to trick or treat at in a safe but entertaining venue.

As you can see, the highlight was the empty paper bags the kids got to trick or treat with.


It was a nice warm day, but Noah still kept toasty by enjoying his mom’s coffee (unintended) and plaing a nice game of Catch the Peacock.


Chloe enjoyed her first M&Ms, which she probably thought tasted like paper since she ate through the bag to them.  Also note her ruby red shoes (ala The Wizard of Oz); it’s her favorite pair and can be worn with any outfit.


We spent the evening of Halloween at home where we could show the kids how the Trick or Treating thing worked in relative warmth and ease.  Noah and Chloe figured it out pretty quickly that every time the doorbell rang, it was time to yell “Happy Halloween” at some unsuspecting children.  The challenge for us was to get the visiting kids some candy before Chloe yelled “Bye Bye!” and slammed the door.  She had us hopping.  Saying “Bye Bye!” and slamming the door is one of her favorite games, and I try not to take it personally when she does it when I leave the house. “Daddy’s going to work.  Can Daddy get a hug?”  “BYE BYE!” SLAM!!

The next day brought us to the kids birthday party.  It turned out to be a great day, with lots of sunshine.  Many of our closest friends and their kids were able to join us.  Here are some candids from the party.



Each of the kids got their own cake.  We had a Dora cake for Chloe, a Butterfly and Ladybug cake for Madison and a Pooh bear cake for Noah. 


In the weeks leading up to the party , we practiced blowing out candles with the kids, and each got a cupcake with a candle in it on the big day.


Madison’s cupcake must have had an explosive device hidden in it.


W e also hired someone to do balloon animal and face painting for the kids.  Here’s Noah sitting for a Ladybug on his arm.


Chloe also got in on the action with a butterfly.


Earlier that week, the Halloween party at Madison’s school was canceled due to snow, so the next day she got to wear her costume one last time.  If you ever wondered what Eeyore would look like on a trampoline, wonder no more.


Gia joined us at school for the festivities.


After that, it was back to life as “normal”.  The kids got back to eating paint…


Followed by impromptu baths in the utility sink.


Noah had a little trouble putting Halloween behind him…


And cupcakes kept exploding on Madison.


Which led to more baths in the utility sink. 


Our life with three two-year olds rolls on.  That’s all for now.

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