Visit to Iron Mountain

Sorry it’s taken so long, but here are some photos from our trip to Iron Mountain earlier this summer.  I didn’t have too many on our camera due to technical difficulties, and I’ll post more once I can gather them from others.
The trip was a blast; even the two day drive was fun. While we were there, we hit all the local playgrounds, tried out the four wheeler, hit the beach and made the rounds to see the relatives.  We even had some fun with temporary tattoos (at Noah’s expense).  Enjoy.
Madison and her great Aunt.
Cousins enjoying the beach.
Dad trying to make Chloe feel less self conscious about her dilated eye.
Chloe likes swings when they go really fast.
Madison and Auntie Caroline.
Opa and Madison at the playground.
Hey, this straw tastes like straw.
Lounging back at Opa’s.
Picture taken just before they put their helmets on 😉
Benjamin helping Noah keep his pants on (literally).
Again, Noah with the hats.
Noah staying in the shallow end.
Noah has a blast on the swings.
A great temporary tattoo with even greater placement on Noah.

Opa and Chloe at the beach.
Dad encourages Noah to go in above the ankles.
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