Just a few more pictures

Again, it’s been a long time since the last entry which is good news from our perspective.  No visits to the hospital, no emergencies and no surgeries.  Just regular kid stuff.  Here are some general updates on the kids, then I’ll throw in some photos.


Noah has been the King of Pain this week.  He loves bugs, which is fine unless the bug in question is a honey bee.  He got his first bee sting on Sunday.  He actually was pretty good with it.  He cried for about two minutes and it was forgotten.  The next day, he was walking around going “bee bite, bee bite” and showing off where he got stung.  Later in the week, he fell over and split the back of his head open for the first (and probably not the last) time.  It was a small cut, but a bit of a bleeder.  He celebrated that later in the day by pitching forward into the coffee table and was rewarded with a large bump between his eyes.  His tolerance for pain is going up, and if he has his blanket handy he’s off and running again in a minute of two.


Chloe is a force of nature.  She yells, she head butts, she throws, she climbs, she eats with both hands…she’s just Type A in everything she does.  She has become a big fan of slides, regardless of their size.  The risk of personal injury has not occurred to her yet.  But between all the ruckus, she’ll need some quiet time.  She’ll grab her bear, scurry up into your lap and just sit silently for a few minutes.  Once she’s recharged, she’ll plop back on to the floor and she’s off to the races again.


Madison continues to amaze us with her progress.  She is still delayed in her motor development but she’s made some great strides in the last two months.  She has pulled herself to stand a couple of times and her sitting is improving.  Her trunk strength is the real challenge, and we need to improved that before she can stand independently or walk.  Verbally, she continues to lead the pack.  She is always the first to say new words, or to use combinations of words together.  She’s started counting, and can get from 1 to 10 on a semi regular basis.  She’s also memorized all of the stories we’ve been reading.  You can read a couple of lines and stop, and she’ll spit out the next word.  It’s pretty fun.


Now onto the pictures:

Family friend Drue came to visit last month.  Here he is as Madison paints herself with food.
Here’s Drue getting the kids ready in the choo choo wagon.
Finally, here’s Drue giving Noah a ride.
Chloe can get herself into a jam at times.  She made it up on the bench, but then lost confidence on the climb down.  We heard her sqauking from the other room.
Every summer, the city of Greeley hosts an event called the Stampede.  There is an outdoor fair area and a rodeo.  We didn’t get to the rodeo this time, but the fair area was fun for the kids.  The choo-choo wagon was a big hit, and at least three people asked if they could take a picture of us.
Here’s Julie introducing the kids to their first funnel cake (fried dough to those from the East).
They had little climbing walls which Noah just examined, but Chloe attempted to climb.
Noah got some help on a slide while Chloe waited her turn.
They also had a petting zoo.  There was a little piglet that chased Noah all over the pen trying to lick his legs.  He scampered away as fast as he could while yelling ‘Maggie!  Maggie".  I guess the pig reminded him of the smooches he gets from our black lab.  Here’s a couple of pictures from the petting area.
Finally, on the way home, Noah modeled his mom’s shades.
Speaking of Noah, he has a thing for hats.  Anything and everything that can go on his head goes there.  You’ll hear him say "hat" and he’ll round the corner with something on his head.
A rag hat…
A colander hat…
A soup bowl hat…
A pink, polka dot hat…
An inside out pink hat…
A hat for driving…
And of course the bucket hat.
Near our house is an urban farm where the kids can go to see some real animals.  Here they are checking out the geese.
We also have leashes for the kids.  We feel odd using them, but they come in very handy in parking lots or when your son decides to chase down a turkey.
In case that is not enough animals, we have season passes to the Zoo.  Here is Gia with Noah checking out the Giraffes.
Mom and Madison also got a look.
On the Fourth of July, our neighborhood had a parade for the kids.  Here is Julie, Maggie and the kids.
Madison took a break for some juice while Maggie stood guard.
We will also go to the big park near our house on weekends to let the kids get out some energy.  They have fountains the kids can run through, but Noah is the only one who likes them.  He’ll stay in them until he turns blue.
Here’s Julie helping the kids refuel between slides.
Here’s an example of Chloe heading down a slide that is way bigger than she is.
On the home front, here’s a shot of Madison standing in her crib.  She made it up but couldn’t figure out how to get back down.  She killed time by playing paddy cake until we come to her rescue.
Madison also loves her rocking horse.  She asks to go on it by saying "rock, rock!".
A couple of months ago, we got together with some other triplet families at a McDonald’s.  Chloe was not used to being the smallest.  Here are two twins making things really uncomfortable for her.
Beth has also been teaching the kids to paint.  Here are Madison, Noah and Chloe each creating their own masterpieces.
Not all of it stays on the paper, however.  Just as Madison can paint herself with food, Noah will paint himself with paint.
It’s tough to get all the paint off sometimes, and he gets left with some inadvertant eyeshadow.
That’s all the pictures for now.  We’ll try and post some videos in the near future.
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