Updates and photos

So, we have some medical updates to start with this time.  Last week, Julie took Madison and Chloe to the rehab doctor at Children’s for a checkup.  Madison was getting review of her general development, and Chloe was getting a review of some inflexibility in her neck.  One child got good news, and one got not so good news.


The good news was with Madison.  The rehab doctor continues to be thrilled with her progress.  While Madison is developmentally delayed, the doctor saw no signs of cerebral palsy.  The doctor thinks her physical development is still progressing very well.  On the verbal side, her opinion is that Madison is already talking at a two year old level, which is just awesome.  In short, Madison is doing just great.


On the other hand, Chloe’s got some new issues.  Her original diagnosis was torticollis, which is kind of like the mother of all stiff necks.  She was prescribed physical therapy to loosen it up.  While she was at the rehab clinic, the doctor asked if they could do an x-ray just to make sure.  It turns out that Chloe actually has a malformed vertebra in her neck.  Instead of looking like a disk, on one side there is a bone shaped like a wedge.  That’s why she can’t move her neck in a full range of motion.  It’s still unclear what impact this will have on Chloe, but the doctor already let us know she will need to refrain from certain activities.  Sports like gymnastics or football won’t be good for her since they carry a higher risk of injury.  This could be a problem for Chloe, since her personality already leads her to extreme sports (see last week’s entry where she put her head though the wall).  It’s not the worst news in the world, but it’s something we’re going to have to keep an eye on until we learn more.  Next steps are a CT scan or MRI to get a better sense of the issue.


On to recent activities.  Julie’s dad (Opa) is visiting, and we took advantage of the extra hand to take the kids for haircut #2.  This time we went to a specialized children’s salon in the hopes of a better cut and a little less drama. 


They had miniature cars the kids could sit in.  Note that Madison has already learned to check her mirrors prior to a lane change.




Meanwhile, Noah was having fun with Opa, oblivious to what was coming.



Chloe, on the other hand, caught on early.




As soon as the scissors started flying, however, Noah was on to us too.



Madison did great the whole time, and looked like a sweetheart with a ribbon in her hair.



Chloe tried to stay brave…




…and was rewarded with a ribbon in her hair and a lollypop.




Earlier this week, Beth brought over some paint sets and let the kids have their first art sesson.


The best part about paint?  Its edible.






Madison and Chloe have lazy eyes, so they need to get their eyes patched for an hour daily to build the strength up.  Here are the three getting ready to take a ride in the snow.  Madison and Chloe model their eye patches.




Then at snacktime, Madison showed a bowl of raspberries no mercy.




Finally, we finished the week with some Easter baskets for the kids, complete with plastic eggs filled with rice puffs.

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