Bumps, Bungees and Bathtimes

It’s been a while since our last posting, and that is good news.  It means that we haven’t been to a hospital in a long time.  Still, I wanted to update everyone on the comings and goings from the whirlwind that is our life.

The kids are getting active and energetic.  Here is a clip of them getting ready for dinner.


They also are playing with each other more.  They get distracted by the video camera, so it’s hard to get them in action.  Here is a clip, though, of Madison and Chloe rolling around.


Bath time is very popular.


Madison, blah, blah, blah…

Madison is a chatter box.  She talks from the moment she wakes to the time she goes to bed.  She can mimic almost anything, but one of her favorite pastimes is playing Q&A.  We ask her animal sounds, the names of her siblings, the name of her dog, etc. and she loves to come up with the right answer.

Here is a sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib3lWvV23xw

Noah Tries Bungee Jumping (unintentionally)

So, there is a mall near our house that has an old time carousel.  You know the kind; lots of lights, cheerful music, and horses that go up and down.  Anyway, we thought they kids might want to see the action and get us out of the house at the same time.  So we loaded everyone up and headed out to the mall.

I had the idea that one of us would take turns bringing the kids on the ride while the other watched with the other two.  Silly me.  The attendant assured us that if the kids were able to sit up on their own, they could ride the ride.  So, we all got on.  I sat on a bench with Madison while Julie stood between two horses.  Chloe was on Julie’s inside and Noah was on her outside.

As soon as the ride started, we knew we had trouble.  The two horses on either side of Julie started to go up and down, causing Chloe to lose her grip.  As Julie attended to her, the centrifugal forces got their clutches on Noah.  He flew off, or should I say “he was ejected” from his horse.  Luckily, Julie had strapped him in tight, so his belt held.  He was left dangling by his belt from the neck of the horse.  For a moment he might have thought this was all part of the ride until he saw Julie’s face.  After that, it was all tears.  Did you ever have a friend as a kid who was afraid of clowns?  Noah might be one of those now.

Chloe is a Tank

So the other night, we are eating dinner just as we always do.  This night, however, Chloe decided to push her own chair back from the table.  As she did this, the back legs caught on the floor and the entire chair tipped backwards.  The good news is that she didn’t hit the floor straight away.  The bad news is that she hit the wall…head first.  Luckily there wasn’t a stud at the site of impact, and the drywall gave way.  Her head made a nice hole in the wall.  Here is a picture:


She had a small cut, and after a few minutes of crying, she was crawling off to see what else she could toss herself off of.  I’m not kidding about this one.  We have a plastic slide in the basement that is about two feet high.  We taught the kids to slide down backwards, just like they go down the stairs.  The other day, Chloe decided to go down while sitting up.  Halfway down, her bare foot stuck to the slide, and she pitched forward ending in a spectacular face plant into the carpeting.  She dug her mouth out of the flooring, and with a determined look on her face she climbed the slide and tried again.  Same result.  So, she tried again.  And again.  By the fifth time, it got to be more fun than alarming (for both of us).

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