Surgery done, recovery again

Madison went into surgery at around 1:30 today and got out around 4:30.  The doctor said he was kind of puzzled as to why the catheter had stopped working.  It worked when he tested it, but he may have dislodged whatever was blocking it during the test.  There was also a very thin membrane covering the catheter that may have contributed.  Also, the fluid in her brain is still a bit brown from all of the bleeding she had at birth, and that also can cause failures.  Anyway, he replaced the catheter and scheduled Madison for a follow up MRI tomorrow.


Madison was pretty uncomfortable for a while in recovery, much worse than normal.  At around 7pm she fell asleep, presumably from all of the pain medications they gave her, and when she awoke an hour later she was in a much better mood.  Julie is staying with her tonight, but I’ll be sleeping by the phone again in case something happens.  She is on anti-seizure medications this time, so the chances of a seizure are very, very small.

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