Back to normal

At around midnight last night, the nurse in ICU woke Julie to let her know that they needed Madison’s ICU bed for another patient.  A bed had been cleared in the regular recovery ward for Madison.  So, Julie packed up their stuff and moved.  By 1:30am, they were settled back in the same room Madison was in when this whole thing started, once again proving that things always seem to come full circle (and that hospitals are the worst place on Earth to get any rest).


Madison is doing absolutely peachy this morning.  She’s rolling around (for fun this time), and amusing the nearby nurses station with her squeals and babbling.  Not even the large bandage-covered IV on her left arm could discourage her from clapping and a few rousing rounds of Paddycake.   We still have not heard from Neurology on the EEG, and getting that read might be the last thing between Madison and freedom.  Julie asked about it earlier, and was told “they couldn’t find anything in the system”, which is never a good sign.  Hopefully, that will get tracked down, and we’ll be on our way today.

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