A really long night and day

Our last update ended late on Tuesday night with Madison  relatively comfortable in a crib in ICU.  The night went downhill from there.  She was never fully alert, but never tired enough to sleep.  By 1:30 am I was pretty tired so I dozed off in the chair next to the bed.  I woke up again at 3:00 when Madison was getting really unhappy.  The nurse had tried giving her more anti-seizure medications as well as some morphine, but to no avail.  Madison was getting increasingly fussy and less and less aware of her surroundings.  The nurse and I took turns trying to comfort Madison, but she wouldn’t stop writhing around the crib.  By 4am, we were paging neurosurgery again.  An hour passed, and we paged again, but we got no response.  Madison finally fell asleep at 5:45am.


I was able to eat a quick breakfast and Julie was able to make it back to the hospital after our nanny showed up to care for Noah and Chloe.  Madison woke up around 7, just as cranky and disoriented as she was before.  She was not quite crying, but she was definitely not happy.  She also wouldn’t focus her eyes on anything.  Neurosurgery rounded at 8, and reassured us that everything would be fine.  Her CT scan looked great, she didn’t have an infection and the shunt was working as intended.  With the major concerns ruled out, they strongly felt the cause was an adverse reaction to the anti-seizure medications given the night before.  If we gave her time, Madison would come out of it.  They felt so sure of it, that they were planning on moving her out of ICU to a regular bed by the end of the day.


By 10am, we really started to worry something was seriously wrong.  Madison was getting worse, not better.  She was still fussing, and had almost no apparent recognition that we were in the room.  At 11am, she fell asleep again and we were left to stress.


She woke up at around 1 a changed girl.  She was still very groggy, but she was getting back to herself.  She was talking, clapping, and every now and then smiling.  And, while she still acted drunk, she got better by the hour.  The only bad news we got after that was that all of the regular beds were full and Madison, while no longer an intensive care patient, would need to spend the night in intensive care anyway.  Julie took night duty, and I was able to go home and get a good night’s sleep.


We’ll keep folks posted when we hear more, but we’re optimistic Madison is on the quick road to recovery.  She had an EEG last night, but we still have not received the results.  More to come.

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