Another one in the books for Madison

Well, yet another surgery is behind her.  This time the doctor worked on the lateral ventricle on the left side.  She had a catheter placed on the left side back in January, but seemed to have stopped working.  At our doctor’s best guess, the reduction in size of the third and fourth ventricles caused enough movement to perhaps shift the placement of this catheter.  Also, the shape of the ventricle could have been altered such that a membrane was pushed or squeezed down on the openings in the catheter.  At any rate, this surgery was performed to get that catheter working again.


In the doctor’s words, “the procedure went like a charm.”  She went under anesthesia around 1:30pm just prior to her CT scan.  Their communication was not as good this time, but we think she went into surgery around 2:30.  By 4:30 she was done.


Her recovery started out very positive.  She was actually smiling and talking in the post anesthesia care unit, where following prior surgeries she was at her crabbiest.  Shortly after getting upstairs to a room, however, her mood darkened.  She threw up a couple of times and fell asleep.  We don’t have a medical opinion on that yet, but I’m hoping its all anesthesia related.  She still was feeling fine when we first saw her, but the medications started to wear off more by the time we were upstairs.  At least that is my current theory.  Right now she is awake again, but very lethargic.


I’ll post more if there is something else to report, but she needs to stay here at the hospital until late tomorrow afternoon when she completes her course of antibiotics.


As a side note, last night was a small breakthrough for her.  We have these stories by Sandra Boynton that we read to the kids all the time.  In fact, we read so many of them so many times, that we can recite most of them from memory.  There is one, entitled “Moo, Ba, La, La La” that starts, “A cow says ‘moo’, a sheep says ‘baa’, three singing pigs say ‘la, la, la.’”  Anyway, I was reciting that to Madison last night, and I had just finished saying, “A cow says..” when Madison interjects with a “Moo”.  Then I said, “A sheep says..”, and she let out a squeaky, little “baa”.  I was so shocked, I tried it again…and…again…and…again.  Every time, I got a tiny “moo” and a teenie “baa”.  Needless to say, none of the other kids can do that, but we got it on video for posterity.

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