Some more for Madison and pictures

Looks like Madison will need another surgery.  The valve and catheter they replaced on the right side a couple of weeks ago are working fine, but the space on the left is looking larger.  At last check in, the doctor thought he would need to replace the catheter on the left side.  We’re trying to get it scheduled for later this week, since we always figure the sooner the better.  We’ll let everyone know what happens.


Now on to some recent photos.


Chloe has really taken off as far as her development.  She is super mobile and very focused on what she wants.


She figured out that if she pulls over the chest of drawers, she can get to all of the toys at once.



Madison swears she didn’t put Chloe up to it, but she benefited as well.



Chloe has also learned how to climb stairs.  Here she is encouraging Noah to follow her while Dad spots.



Chloe has also learned how to walk behind toys.  We point her down the hall, and she walks until she hits a wall.  We turn her around, and she does the same thing again.



But eventually, every active toddler must take a nap.  Here she is, peering out of the pack and play, wondering what she did to make us so mean.



The recurring hospitalization has not been great for Madison’s development, but she is hanging in there.  Her language skills are pretty good.  To help with her hand-eye coordination, the Anchor center suggested we get her a large metal bowl to drop balls into.  The loud sounds provide good feedback for her.  She’s pretty protective of the bowl, though.  Come closer, and you’ll get a bop in the nose!



Except, you Chloe.  You’re cool.



Madison is also a sucker for Pattycake.  You start the rhyme ("patty cake, patty cake baker’s man, bake me a cake as fast as you can…") and she stops what she is doing to clap her hands together.


Someone gave us a stuffed dog (no card was included, so thanks to whomever sent it), that plays all kinds of noises and songs when you press on it.  Madison will push on it a few times, once to hear a "bark" perhaps, or an "I love you", but when it starts singing Patty Cake, she of course drops it and starts clapping.


Noah is spending most of his time trying to figure out how the heck Chloe gets around so fast.  He army crawls and can pull to stand, but he won’t cruise the edge of furniture yet.  His forte remains looking super cute, as shown below.



Earlier this week, Julie took the kids to the park and Noah got his first ride on a slide. 



And all the kids got to ride on the swings.  Note that Madison and Noah are still small enough to share one swing.  You can almost read their minds, "OK, you can take us down now.  We look ridiculous."



After the park, it was on to dinner for some hot buttered noodles.  Chloe and Madison loved the noodles, while Noah who is teething, preferred the hard plastic plate.



And after dinner, it was off to the neighborhood holiday lighting and seasonal kickoff.  Who knew, but Chloe just hates holiday brass ensembles.



Finally, it was back home and ready for bed.  Here is Noah trying to get a piggy back ride from Chloe.  It might be time for a haircut, but you have to admit that his comb over is getting super sweet.



You can’t be a triplet without lots of time with your siblings.  Here are some typical scenes from every day life as a multiple.








That’s all for now.  More to come when we hear more on Madison.

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