Just another day at the office, for Madison

So, Madison is back home a day after her 11th surgery.  The procedure was originally scheduled for 4:30pm, but the OR got backed up and it was pushed back two hours.  That was an aggressive estimate, and we didn’t hand her off until 7:15.  Now that she is over a year old, we can accompany her to the operating room and stay with her until she falls asleep.  For those of you lucky enough to have avoided surgery, the OR (at least the one we were in) was a very large, very brightly lit, very unfriendly looking room.  Madison was doing fine while I carried her in, but as soon as I laid her down on the very unwelcoming, stainless steel, operating table, she started to sob.  (I think she is getting old enough to recognize and remember places.)  They held a mask over her face, and in 30 seconds or so she drifted off.


As usual, they said they would give us a call in a bit to let us know how things were progressing.  At 8:30, Julie’s phone rang and we were hoping to hear that things were going smoothly.  Instead, they let us know that they had trouble getting Madison’s IV going and just now were starting the procedure.  An hour and a half later, though, it was done.  Just as planned, a new valve was put in place and the questionable catheter was replaced.


Madison was much calmer and more collected upon waking than she normally is, which concerned us at first.  She showed no real signs of discomfort and had little interest in food despite not having eaten for 12 hours.  She seemed content to just lie there and stare into space.  By the next morning, however, she was back to her regular chatty, paddy-cake playing self.


They set the valve at a relatively low pressure, but now they can adjust that depending on how Madison reacts.  We’ll keep an eye on her for the next few days, and if things are not improved we can take her in to have the valve adjusted.

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