Birthdays, holidays and grandparents

Today, November 3, 2008, the triplets turned one year old.  I have to admit this blog was a great idea.  You can read back over the last 14 months and really appreciate everything the five of us (not counting the dogs) have been through.  We’d like to thank everyone from family, to friends, to co-workers for being so supportive thus far.  We could not have made it to where we are without you.


Before I get into the updates on the last week, I wanted first to give an update on Madison.  She fluctuates back and forth between happy as a clam and miserable.  She still struggles with vomiting, and at times appears to be in pain.  We can give her anti-nausea medications, which sometimes help, and Tylenol, which (thankfully) usually does the trick.  She’s totally off of her schedule and may fall asleep during dinner, only to wake up an hour or two later to puke.  She has a pretty nasty sounding cough, so we hope this is the reason for her perpetuated condition.  At last check, her shunt was doing fine, and her eyes look sharp.


Here she is enjoying a bottle.  Keep an eye on that formula; something tells me we’ll be seeing it again very, very soon.




Bill’s parents Paul and Paula, and Julie’s Dad Bill (d/b/a Opa), came to town, and while we took turns keeping Madison company in the hospital…




…the rest of us took Noah and Chloe out for some early Halloween photos.


First up was a Halloween gathering in our neighborhood.  Here are Chloe (left as a duck) and Noah (right as a monkey), plotting their revenge against us for making them dress up in such ridiculous costumes.




The nice thing about being a kid, is that you are never down for long.  Some time with Opa cheered Chloe right up



The same went for Noah with Paula.



The next day it was on to the Botanic Gardens for a leisurely stroll.  Here are Paul and Paula with Chloe (left, this time as a dog) and Noah.



It was a long tiring day, so we got Noah his favorite – a non-fat, half caf, extra hot, no whip, soy chai latte, with a shot in the dark.  Yummy.




The Noah got a ride on Dad’s shoulders.  At 5’8”, it’s not often someone thinks I’m tall.




Now on to the birthday.  The week started, as you may recall, with Madison coming home from the hospital.  With her perfect sense of timing, she got herself released a scant three hours from the start of her first birthday party.  October 26th turned out to be a day when all the grandparents could be in town, so we made that the day when we could invite over our close friends to celebrate the year.


Sandy (with some decorating help from Cristy) made the kids some custom cakes.   In keeping with the season, the party was football themed, and the main cake reflected this.  Behind the main cake you can see the little bear cakes that were made for each of the kids.




Julie’s Uncle Jack was nice enough to make some small chairs for the kids birthday.  We put out some markers and let people sign them with good wishes.  A friend of Julie’s was nice enough to paint each of the chairs with the kids names.




Here is Julie celebrating with Chloe, who came dressed as a Broncos cheerleader.




Madison also came in her cheerleader uniform.  Here she is with Cristy.




Noah seems dumbfounded as to what to do with his cake.  He knocked it over, then ran out of ideas.  Eating it never seemed to occur to him, which is ironic because everything close to him eventually winds up in his mouth.




Some other kids at the party show Noah how it’s done.



Family friend Carolina entertains Noah, who sports a Broncos outfit of his own.  The kids’ Broncos outfits, by the way, were hand picked by Gia, another family friend.



Here are the Langers catching up with Opa.




And here is Sandy, doing what she does best – getting Chloe’s mind off of food.




By the end of the night, Madison was awestruck.




So, later in the week the kids got to open their very first birthday presents.  Chloe, as usual, has trouble breaking a smile.




Madison’s hands are a blur as she digs in.




Finally, the weekend ended with Halloween.  Here are Bill, Julie and Opa holding Madison, Chloe and Noah.  They say in the film industry that you should never work with children or animals.  The same is true for family photos.  Instead of a picturesque shot of the three in costume, we got Madison re-examining the ceiling light, Chloe picking her nose, and Noah fast asleep.  Oh well, there is always next year…




For the night of Halloween, we took the kids to a local outdoor mall that sponsored a storefront trick or treating.




We strolled the route and ended up at a restaurant for dinner.  The kids ate first while we waited for our table.




At one point during dinner, Noah grabbed my beer can (luckily empty) off of the table and tried to drink from it. 




Not sure what it is about beer cans, but Chloe found them irresistible too.  Perhaps it’s genetics?



Well, that’s a big update for a big week.  We’ll keep you all updated on Madison as we know more.


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