An ongoing, painful recovery

Madison is miserable.  She has not been able to keep anything down for several days.  They continue to administer IV fluids, which helps, but she is perpetually hungry.  We’ve tried a couple of different anti-nausea medications with no results.  After she gets her medication, we’ll feed her a small bit, but she will throw up between 30 seconds and two hours later.  You can tell she is totally exhausted from the lack of sleep and nourishment.  When she is awake, she is crying an fussy due to hunger.  If we feed her, she’ll calm down a bit until she gets sick again.    The only times she gets some peace is while she is napping or right after she throws up and her stomach feels better.  Also, they have these red wagons at the hospital, and we can load her up and walk around the ward for a change of scene.  She seems to be calmed by the motion, so we spend a lot of time doing that.


There are one or two medications we can try before we’ll need to look at more direct ways to get food in her.  The neurosurgeons say nausea not uncommon after a shunt revision.  Sometimes the rapid drop in pressure in the brain can make some strange things happen until everything reaches an equilibrium again.  Hopefully this will pass soon, and we can get her home again.

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