Madison continues to struggle

Madison took a real turn for the worse overnight, and right now she is not doing well.  When I left the hospital last night (Julie stayed), her eyes were still crossed, but her mood was dramatically better than it had been earlier in the day.  She started to slide soon thereafter.  By 2am, they were trying to schedule an new CT scan.  They weren’t able to get that done, but they were able to get an MRI this morning.


The MRI showed that the third and fourth ventricles were the same sizes as they were before this most recent wave of surgeries started.  They tried drawing fluid manually again, but the catheter was dry.


By 11am, she was in really bad shape.  She was mostly non-responsive, she kept vomiting and her eyes were permanently crossed.  She has also had several periods today where her heart rate has slowed drastically (technically bradichardia, or “brady” for short).  They had wanted to wait until tomorrow to do the next surgery, but the string of bradys made that impossible.  They took her for surgery around 1pm.  We’re back up in her room now waiting for updates, but I expect she will be moved to the pediatric intensive care unit once this surgery is over.

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