Back to the ER; more surgery

On Sunday night, Madison started to throw up again.  By Monday, she was not able to keep anything down again.  We took her to the pediatrician’s, and he determined there was no reason for her condition other than a suspected shunt malfunction.  He advised us to take her to the ER at Children’s.  She didn’t need immediate attention for the shunt, but at a minimum they could get her some IV fluids since she had not eaten all day.


Before we went to the ER, I packed an overnight bag (see, we’re learning). As expected she was admitted.  They did another CT scan, and her third and fourth ventricles looked larger again, which would indicate that the newly placed catheter had stopped working.  Later in the evening, they tried to drain some fluid out of the catheter manually, but nothing came out.  This also indicates that the catheter has stopped draining.  By 2am, we were back upstairs in a room, in fact the same room we were in last week.


Madison has been asleep all day and can’t hold down any food or liquids.  Her eyes are crossing as badly as we’ve ever seen.  Hopefully, we can get this addressed quickly and get her back to normal.  Her surgery is scheduled for today (Tuesday) at 4:45, which probably means another late night of anesthesia recovery.


I’ll post more as we go.


A brief editorial comment about the process here.  The care is great, but some of the processes are dreadful.  We arrived at the ER at 6pm with an infant who had not kept anything down for over 24 hours.  Plus, our arrival was preceded by a call from our pediatrician.  Despite that, they were not able to get IV fluids started for Madison for over three hours (that seems like a long time to me).  And, although we were admitted upon arrival, we didn’t leave the ER and get to a regular room for six hours.  Maybe next time I should come with a big thing of fake blood to get the gears moving.  If anyone has any left over from Halloween, save it for me.

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