Just a general update

It’s been a while since posted a general update, so here goes.


Madison is still progressing well and learning new stuff.  She learned to daisy chain her rolls together to get across a room.  This is a big change from just a few weeks ago when rolling over upset her.  She is also in that stage where she likes to throw stuff.  She’ll fling her bottle, her toys, her spoon, pretty much whatever she can get her hands on.  You can almost see her put it all together, “I pick up the spoon, I fling it over the edge of the high chair, I hear a loud rattle, Mom or Dad says ‘uh, oh where did Madison’s spoon go’, and after a brief wait I have another spoon.  I wonder what would happen if I threw this spoon over the edge…”.  She is also still very vocal and seems to have connected “ba ba” with her bottle.  Her front bottom middle teeth are getting very big, such that they dominate her smile.  Her muscle development still lags the other two, and she still needs support in the sitting position.  She’s come a long way though, and every day she needs less and less help to stay seated.  There is one toy she loves above all others, a small stuffed crocodile, but the novelty of a sheet of paper never seems to wear thin with Madison.  Think about it.  It’s bright white, crinkly and tastes just great.  Plus, you can buy them in packs of 500; the perfect toy!


Here is Madison about to head to the hospital before her last surgery.  She is chewing on a necklace family friend Carolina gave her.



Noah is in the army crawling stage.  He’ll drag himself across the room to investigate a sound or a new toy with alarming speed.  He still loves kicking his feet, and if you walk over to him while he is on his back, he’ll thump his footsies like crazy.  He sits well; a change that happened in just the last week.  He’s been able to sit for a while, but he had a strong preference for playing on his back.  Lately, sitting has become easier, so he’ll play in that position for several minutes.  His eating is getting better, but I suspect he is still on the light side.  His bottom two teeth are in, but you can’t see them because he sticks his tongue out when he smiles.  He also loves rough housing.  If you hold him upside down by his ankles, he just cracks up.


Chloe is a machine.  She’ll eat anything in reach, but we have to make sure she doesn’t see a bottle before it time to eat hers.  If she sees one, she’ll freak out and clamor for it with no hope of getting her to finish her solid food.  If this happens, she’ll scream, she’ll cry, and tears are shed.  But once she gets her hands on the bottle, all is forgotten while she slams it down.  Chloe is the most mobile of the three, and she is fearless and determined all at the same time.  She doesn’t entirely crawl, but makes it cross the room in something that looks like a combination between crawling and the butterfly swim stroke.  Also, not unlike a Jeep she can traverse a wide range of terrain and has been known to crawl over parents, toys, siblings or couch cushions to get where she needs to go.  Yesterday, she made it up three steps on the staircase before she was busted.  She can pull herself up to standing position without difficulty and is starting to experiment with cruising her way along the edge of things while standing.  He big challenge is her balance, and every so often she’ll pitch forward and land face first.  When she does this it won’t faze her much.  She may let out a frustrated yelp, but in seconds she is back up and standing from where she fell.  All of the face plants has led her to develop a quarter-sized yellow bruise in the middle of her forehead, as her life has essentially turned into a series of rapid, but minor, concussions.


Here is Chloe exploring the exersaucer from the outside, rather than the inside.



The kids are also interacting with each other more and more.  They’ll smile and laugh at each other.  They’ll also steal toys back and forth.  Chloe might play with a toy cell phone and Noah will scoot over to see what’s what.  He’ll try to jam the phone in his mouth, and Chloe will roll away from him only swing the phone right into the waiting arms of Madison.  This kind of thing happens all day long.  We were at Madison’s school a couple of weeks ago, and another child crawled over Noah’s head to get to a toy.  Everyone was surprised and impressed that Noah was not shaken or even distracted by the incident.  I tried to explain that unless the kid was at least as large as Chloe and moving twice as fast, it was nothing Noah had not seen before.  I have a feeling that growing up a triplet means learning to be resilient and patient but also learning aggressively to pursue what you want before someone else gets there first.
Here are Noah and Madison wreslting.  Noah is about to bite the toy, and Madison is about to bite Noah.
Madison looks to have fully recovered from surgery, so it is truly back to "normal" around here.  We’ll post more as things happen.

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