A scare, but all is good

Today we had another reminder that we can never be off of our guard.  Always, especially soon following a surgery, we need to be on the lookout for a failing shunt.  We’ve seen Madison’s eyes cross, but another sign is nausea.  Starting late yesterday afternoon, Madison started to get sick.  When I left for work this morning, she seemed in a pretty good mood, but I asked Sandy to call me if she took a turn for the worse.  At around 10am, Sandy called.  Madison was not able to keep anything down, no matter how small, not even Pedialyte.  She was very fussy and appeared tired but unable to sleep.  I called the surgeon’s office, and they scheduled her for an immediate MRI.


The next five hours, were spent in Children’s Hospital and our pediatrician’s office.  The MRI showed no issue with the shunt.  To the contrary, it showed definite reduction in the sizes of the third and fourth ventricles.  From the neurosurgery perspective, the shunt was working perfectly.  We go back in a month for a follow-up MRI.


We then took her by the pediatricians, and her fever spiked while we were there.  This led the doctor to consider a couple of options that could be going on.  She could have an infection due to the surgery (very very bad, but not likely).  She could have a sinus infection (not so bad, but also not so likely).  She could have some random bug that will resolve itself on its own (not too bad, and most likely).  Unfortunately, we won’t know if it’s #3 until it goes away.  In the meantime, we’ll have to make sure not to feed her over any expensive carpet.


Knock on wood, she seems to have kept her dinner down, and she is sleeping peacefully as I type this.  A long day, but a relieving ending.

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