Safe, back at home

Madison is a quick healer as we know, and we were able to take her home Tuesday night, less than 24 hours after surgery.  She was uncomfortable on and off during the day, but we had her on a steady diet of acetaminophen.  She had her second CT scan, and the shunt looks good.  Plus, it looks like her fourth ventricle might be slightly smaller in size which would be great news.  Still, we won’t know for sure until her follow-up MRI in a month.  In the meantime, we’ll watch her closely just in case.


She was back home in time for dinner with Noah and Chloe.  Her mood always gets worlds better when she gets home from the hospital, and by the end of dinner she was happily babbling “Ma ma” from underneath a nice layer of sweet potatoes.  Still, the previous 24 hours did take their toll, and she passed out minutes after we put her to bed.  Here she is having just fallen asleep right in the midst of playing with, and chewing on, a toy.
Hopefully, we are back to business as usual.
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