Another Surgery is Done

I think this makes eight surgeries?  That’s a lot for 11 months of life, but I guess the last four months without one actually pulled her average down.


It was another long day at the hospital, but in the end the procedure went smoothly.  They had told us to show up at 3:45 for the 6:45 procedure in case it took longer than expected to prep Madison.  Her total prep turned out to be an antibacterial head wash, so the remaining three hours was spent just waiting in OR.  Radiology was a little backed up too, so she didn’t go back to get her CT scan until 7:30.  (The doctor decided to use a CT scan in lieu of an MRI because the CT scan gives better pictures of where the shunt is).


As usual, we received periodic updates from the OR, and things finished up around 11:45.  Here is the recap.  Again, the procedure went smoothly, but it took longer than expected.  A series of membranes had formed inside her third ventricle that needed to be punctured to make sure fluid could drain from the ventricle.  However,  each membrane also needed to be cauterized to make sure they didn’t bleed, which is what took so long.  There was minimal bleeding, which means Madison should be home by Wednesday.  The surgeon was also able to punch a hole through to an adjacent cyst that was previously not being drained.  The disappointing aspect of the procedure was that he was not able to confirm that the third and fourth ventricles are still connected.  Given that he made a large hole between them in the last surgery and they both got large at the same time, it is likely that they are still connected.  Still, we won’t know for sure until Madison has a follow-up MRI in a month or so.  If they are still connected, they will both drain through the new, longer catheter that was just placed.  If they are not connected, it will probably mean another surgery.


Madison was pretty uncomfortable when we got back to her, but some milk and a very large burp seemed to calm her down.  Babies have an interesting perceptive on life.  You have a line of stitches across your forehead, but a good burp still really takes the edge off.  Anyway, she calmed down enough for me to leave her and Julie at around 2am.


I’ll update everyone on how she is recovering tomorrow.

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