More Pictures

In short, things are still going well.  Aside from a cold here or there, everyone is doing great.  We took the kids in for their 9 month exam and Chloe weighed 17lbs 7 oz, Madison weighed 15 lbs 10 oz, and Noah was a petite 14lbs 10oz.  The only issue we need to address is Noah’s diminutive size.  He is still below the 3rd percentile for weight, so we need to work on fattening him up.  The doctor prescribed yogurt and vanilla pudding.


The kids are getting progressively more mobile with Chloe leading the way.  She can’t quite crawl, but she still gets around pretty well.  Keeping the baby gates locked is a must.  Noah is getting very grabby, and learned an important lesson the other day when he reached out and grabbed (and subsequently spilled on his person) a hot cup of tea.  The poor guy was so angry he couldn’t even scream.  He turned beet red, and opened his mouth wide but could only muster little "eh…eh…" noises.  No harm done, but live and learn (for all of us).


Now on to the pictures.


So like many things, these first two pictures represent something that started with good intentions but went horribly (and ironically) wrong.  Now that the kids are mostly mobile, we moved their play area to downstairs where they have more of a free run.  But before we could let them go wild, we needed to baby-proof the area.  Everything was pretty much done, except for wrapping the legs of a table with some padding, including some bubble wrap.  We left the bubble wrap on the couch during a break and went upstairs to eat lunch.  When we returned, the kids had somehow grabbed the bubble wrap off of the couch, and the following pictures won’t win us Parents of the Year.


Here is Noah using his bubble wrap as a blanket.  A poisonous, airtight, suffocating blanket.  He does not seem to appreciate that he is only seconds away from death.



Chloe, as she does with most things, tried to eat hers.



Mealtimes continue to be adventurous.  Here is Chloe after some vanilla pudding.  As you can imagine, we wash laundry at least every other day.



Chloe is also "very fond" of her bottle.  To be more specific, if she sees it she will cry and scream until she gets it.  For this reason we actually need to hide it from her until she is done with her solid food.  Here she is desperately grabbing for her bottle.



Noah is not eating as much as we would like, but he still manages to make a mess.



With the solid food done, everyone gets their bottle.



On to some random shots.  Family friend Gia came over to help with dinner last week.  Here she is with Madison.  Look, they match!



We were able to sneak in one last day at the pool before they closed for the season.  Here is Madison with Dad, seconds before she decided her sunglasses would look better in her mouth.



Chloe and Maggie, our black lab, get along just great.  Here, Maggie has taking a short break from licking Chloe’s face.



The other night I heard someone having a great time on the baby monitor.  I snuck into the nursery and snapped off a shot (with the flash on), in the direction of the giggling.  Here is what I got.


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