Just some pictures

Everyone is doing fine.  Sleeping well, eating well, playing hard.  We head to the pediatrician’s later this week, so we’ll have some current weights then.  In the meantime, some pictures.
Here are some recent photos from the Triplet Olympics, fresh in from the Games in Denver.
Noah was swinging from the star, but fell asleep for a 0.1 point deduction.  He maintained his grip on the star, however, and the judges scored favorably.
Madison is caught off guard by the paparazzi as she emerges from the tunnel for her first event.
The baby wrestling was intense.  Chloe refereed while Noah attempted a toy grab from his opponent Madison.
Madison executed a brilliant, defensive hair-chew maneuver to ward off the attack.

In the synchronized exersaucer event, it was a three way tie for first.

Noah got tangled on the rings, and Chloe emerged victorious in rhythmic gymnastics.
The closing ceremonies were memorable as the contestants formed a difficult yin-yang pose in homage to the other Olympics in Beijing.
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