Madison News and Some Pictures

First an update on Madison.  She had a follow up with the neurologist today, and it went well.  Her development is moving along well, and she does not need any more scheduled appointments.  Plus, we can discontinue her medications over the next two weeks.  Good news.  Tomorrow we meet with the neurosurgeon.  Hopefully it will go as smoothly.

Now some more pictures.

We heard some yelling from the play room the other day and found Chloe in the following predicament.  She had scooched herself backwards under the couch and could not escape. 

Also, now that the feedings go faster (thank you Noah), we have more time to take weekend outings.  We went to the zoo last weekend.  Here I am with the three.

Finally, some more pictures from the dinner table.  Chloe continues to be our best eater, this time in terms of aim. 

Here is Madison, who looks to have fallen victim to an exploding prune.

Noah, too, could not escape the prune bomb.

Yet somehow Chloe escaped totally clean?

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