Updates on the trips

So a month has passed since the last update, and things are blissfully quiet.  We’ve had no visits to the hospital, although we did have one in-home visit by emergency personnel thanks to a small choking incident courtesy of Noah (he’s fine).  His reflux has mostly gone away, by the way, and he can eat like a champ.  The kids are all getting very vocal at this point.  Madison was the first to speak up, and the other two have followed suit.  Lots of ba ba ba, da da da, blah blah blah and ma ma ma being tossed around.  Madison likes to interject a loud "wheeee" or two, especially at 5am. 

Here is Chloe just having some fun.

Here are Noah and Madison playing together.

Here is Noah trying to escape from his Bumbo (a rubberized seat).  He’s since figured out how to do it by flinging himself headfirst onto the floor (which he seems to enjoy)

Sandy and the kids.

They are trying their first solid foods with mixed reactions.

Everyone is lined up and ready to go!

Madison likes sweet potatoes

But is not so sure about peas

Noah will take his time getting to be friends with carrots.

On the other hand, if it is within reach, Chloe will eat it.

They’ve also started holding their bottles at times, which makes feedings much, much easier.  Here are Chloe and Noah demonstrating.

We’ve started taking them to the community pool on weekends.  Our first visit was met with a rousing round of sleep.

They’ve since got the hang of it.  Here is Mom and Madison ready to take the plunge.

Noah gets dried off by Dad after a few laps.

Chloe works on the tan.  Too cool for school.

We’ll post more pictures soon!


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