More to update folks on.


Madison continues to stabilize.  Our current concern for Madison has to do with her vision.  We know her vision is impaired to some extent, but how well she can see will impact much of her early development.  Seeing an interesting toy, for example, is a major motivator to try and crawl to the toy.  If she doesn’t see the toy, the motivation to try crawling might not be there.


There is a school in Denver, the Anchor Center for the Blind, that evaluates and caters to the needs of visually impaired children, and we are lucky enough to live just a couple of minutes away from the place.  Children’s Hospital referred us over there so we were able to get Madison an evaluation.  Their opinion is that she probably has a blind spot of some kind to her right, but it’s too early to tell how big it is.  On the other hand, they tested her vision using a Teller Visual Acuity Test and determined that she sees well enough to get her though whatever she needs to see for the first three years of life (that’s all they tested for).  In other words, we may find out about other issues later down the road, but a least for now she sees well enough to support her developmental milestones to age 3.  To help with her visual development, we now take Madison to the Anchor center weekly where they have specialized toys and therapists to encourage her to used her eyes more and more.


Chloe also had her MRI to follow up on her eye rolling.  One of the causes could have been hydrocephalus, which is the enlargement of the spaces in the brain that Madison has.  Long story short, her MRI back normal.  The eye rolling is likely just do the fact that she was a preemie.  So she does not have hydrocephalus….just a really big head.  This was a big relief.


Julie has started taking the kids to Mommy & Me yoga (one at a time, but the instructor said she will take one if Julie wants to bring two.)  Noah went last week and had a blast.


Anyway, here are some more pictures.


Here is one of Madison resting up after her last surgery.




Here are some pictures from the Keystone trip mentioned in the last entry.


The kids sleeping peacefully the first night, just as we planned.



36 hours, later?  A disaster zone.



I took Chloe for a morning walk to get a coffee.  She loves the Baby Bjorn.



Here is Julie at lunch with the three.



Julie took Chloe for a walk when we got back. Note the shades.



Madison munches on Chloe, but I think Chloe is just happy for the attention.



Noah and Madison mixing it up again.  This time, Noah gets a left hook in on Madison, who continues her habit of sibling munching.



Noah reading his favorite book, Barnyard Dance.



And a goodbye smile from Noah.


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