Madison looks good

Madison seems to have fully recuperated from her surgery.  Aside from the occasional spit-up she is back to her old self.  Her eyes are pretty straight on, and while we still give her pain medication, she seems in a pretty good mood (except when hungry).


Julie took her to Children’s for follow up and things look good.  The MRI shows that the third and fourth ventricles are slightly smaller.  Another cyst that appeared larger on a previous MRI has not changed in size.  So, she won’t need another MRI for about a month as long as she stays asymptomatic.  The neurosurgeon seemed pretty happy with how things turned out.


The rehab clinic was also pretty pleased with Madison’s progress.  Given the amount of damage she sustained, they think she is doing great.  She is developing some tone in her legs (bad), so we need to focus on that with physical therapy, stretching and exercises.  Sounds like Madison is perfect candidate for Mommy-Baby yoga.


The ophthalmologist confirmed that there was damage sustained to her optic nerves due to the sustained pressure from the expanded fourth ventricle.  She can see, but we won’t know the extent of the damage until she gets a bit older.  She’s nearsighted now, which is not totally unusual for a baby, but we need to take her back for follow up.  If the nearsightedness persists, she’ll have to be fitted for some (really, really, really small) glasses.


All in all, we’re pretty relieved to have her doing so well.

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