Still don’t know what’s up with Madison

After more time at Children’s Hospital with Madison yesterday, we still don’t know what the issue is.  Her eyes are continuing to cross and wander, and she is throwing up after every time she eats.  These are classic signs that her shunt is malfunctioning, but the MRI didn’t show anything along those lines.  Neurosurgery said they will reach out to any other specialist we meet with to assure them the shunt isn’t the issue, and that they should be looking for something else.  Still, the similarities to her last shunt failure are striking.  She is having another MRI with neurosurgery on Monday to see what, if anything, is changing.  Meanwhile, Julie will be taking Madison back to the hospital today for an exam with an ophthalmologist.


Our pediatrician couldn’t find anything and said she might have just a stomach bug that has been going around.  She doesn’t have a fever or any other signs of a bug, and no one is really sure why a stomach bug would cause her eyes to cross.  We are feeding her Pedialyte just in case, though.


Madison had a previously scheduled EEG yesterday, and the results were generally very good.  The neurologist said, while not perfectly normal, her results were in the range of what he might expect to see on a child of Madison’s age.  Activity was equal on both sides of her brain, and her activity while sleeping (the sleep spindles) was totally normal.  He was very encouraged by the results, although this still does not give us any insight as to her continuing development.  At her current age, however, Madison is keeping up.


Madison is not a happy camper right now.  She is very hungry, eats and then throws up.  Repeat this cycle every two hours around the clock.

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