Madison has some more tests

Madison’s eyes are starting to cross again, so she is having some more testing done.  Luckily, we already had an MRI scheduled for this week and it was done Monday.  The surgeon was actually pretty impressed with how she was doing, despite the eye crossing, and he thought the MRI looked stable.  Still, he wants to see her again in a week to re-examine her eyes just in case something is happening that is not apparent on the MRI.  We also have her scheduled for an EEG on thursday, where they will be evaluating her for seizure activity.  We have not seen a seizure in a long time, so hopefully this will come back clear.
She has been having trouble keeping her food down, which can also be a sign of pressure on her brain, but it’s encouraging that the MRI looked OK.  Still, we are keeping a very close eye on her.  The vomiting has not impacted her appetite however.  She’ll throw up, and then represent through crying that she is starving.  There is a stomach bug going around, so she may see her regular pediatrician today to rule that out.
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