Six months already?

It’s hard to believe, but the kids turned six months old this past week, and we have lots of new pictures to share.
The kids are getting along, except during boxing class.  Noah has a bad habit of dropping his hands, and Madison has learned to take advantage of that with a crisp jab.
Thed kids have also learned to be very expressive.  Here is Choe acting surprised.
And here is Chloe surprised.
Um, and here is Chloe acting surprised.  She doesn’t have a lot of dramatic range yet.
Noah has an award winning smile.  Here he is enjoying his morning applesauce with Dad.  He can’t smile without kicking his feet.
Here he is smiling after some tummy time.
We bought a fish so the kids can practice their eye tracking.  Here is Noah showing how it’s done.
Mom with Madison, who looks like she has had enough pictures and just wants to get back to playtime.
Here are the kids ready for nap time.  Noah flanked by the Pink Prisoners.
Finally, we dressed the kids up in their special birthday outfits, some nice Rockies onesies our baby sitter bought them.  Before the party, they looked ready to go.
Afterwards, Chloe and Noah had clearly had too much to drink and Madison was worried about who would drive home.
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