Good news for Madison

Madison had another exam and MRI to check her progress, and the news was good.  Her physical exam was a pleasant surprise to her neurosurgeon who thought she was doing very well.  Her eyes have straightened out, and physically she looks great.  The doctor theorized that she is getting used to whatever pressure the 4th ventricle was putting on the 6th nerve so her eyes are not wandering as much.  The MRI reveled even better news.  The 3rd and 4th ventricles are actually much smaller than the last time we did an MRI, which delays the need for surgery even longer.  I’m not sure anyone knows exactly why they are smaller, but no complainers here.  The 1st and 2nd ventricles on the left and right sides look slightly larger, but not to an extent that concerned our surgeon.  The net result, is that Madison is in a pretty stable place.  Unless she starts to show some signs of distress, we won’t need another MRI for a month.  She is the biggest eater of the three now, and one of the biggest complainers if the bottles are late.  Her neck strength still lags behind the other two, but all in all she is hanging with them.

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