Some pictures

Here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks.
Newborns see black, red and white first.  Here they are on a special gym that helps them see.  Also note the outfits courtesy of Gia.
Chloe and Madison play together in the gym.
Chloe misinterprets tummy time as nap time.
The following pictures are best viewed in sequence.  Note how Noah progressively gets more agitated, while Chloe seems to get more entertained, while Madison wakes up breifly to consider picking her nose and then falls back asleep.
Here is Noah posing with Ginny, who helps us take care of the kids at night.
Mom and Madison practice sticking their tongues out at eachother.
Madison plays with her favorite toy.
Chloe staring at Maria, who helps us out some days and nights.
Julie showing off how to feed two at once.
Noah stitting in the boppy.
More of Chloe and Madison playing.
Mirrors help babies learn to track.  Here is Noah staring at, well, himself.
Noah naps after a tough day of eating.
Our camera dissapeared and showed (up slighly chewed) in the dog run.  Below is a photo of one of the suspects.
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