Madison’s surgery is postponed

It’s been pretty busy lately, and I’ve been remiss in my blogging.  If I had blogged yesterday, I would have written how Madison is scheduled to have yet another surgery on Tuesday, how risky the procedure is, blah blah blah.  Well instead I can report that the surgery was postponed because she is doing so well.  Her eye crossing has lessened considerably, which could be an indication the pressure on the sixth nerve is less.  Her neck strength is getting better, and while she still lags the others, she can just about hold her head up at times.  Julie spoke to the surgeon this morning, and after hearing Madison’s progress, he decided to postpone the procedure.  It’s actually is riskier than her other operations, so the longer she can wait the better.  Instead of surgery this week she will have an MRI next week and surgery a couple of weeks after that.  I’ll write all about it when the time comes.


I should add some pictures at some point, but the kids are all getting bigger.  I have to believe they are all well over 10 lbs (maybe even 11) and Chloe must be racing for 12.  She has developed a touch of reflux, which cut into her feasting.  We have her on medication now, so with time she should get back to her regular guzzling self.


This means Noah is next up for surgery.  He was born with a hernia, which is not uncommon.  He is scheduled for next Monday, and as I did with Madison I’ll stay with him until he is discharged.  It should not be more than a day.


The kids are starting to sleep better and better at night.  At first, they were eating every four hours overnight, at 11pm, 3am and 7am.  Chloe doesn’t eat at night at all any more, and Noah and Madison skip the 11pm.  Even though they are not waking to eat, this does not mean that they are not waking up for some other reason.  Noah drops his binky, screams.  Go in, replace the binky and he falls back asleep.  But wait, Chloe hears the screaming and starts crying herself.  Back to the nursery to swaddle Chloe.  Relative peace until Madison spits out her binky and starts crying.  Run to the nursery in the hopes you clear the emergency before Chloe wakes up.  Despite that, they are doing better and better, and even Chloe might only need attention once between 9pm and 6:30am.


Our full time nanny, Sandy, finally started and she kicked off her first week by getting bronchitis.  She’ll be back at work on Wednesday, and hopefully Julie can start to get back to work more regularly.  We’ve been pasting together a random selection of day help to fill in, led by Beth a Montessori grad student who helps out from time to time.  Beth is great with the kids, and really focuses on their development, but it will be nice to have some consistency with no worries of daily staffing.

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