Quick update

Here is the latest.  Madison came home on Saturday after a rapid recovery.  She was eating her full meals by 3am after the surgery and we were home by mid-afternoon.  Her eye crossing has returned, and it’s looking more and more like that is due to pressure from the expanding fourth ventricle.


The surgeon wants to address the fourth ventricle with another surgery in the next couple of weeks, which means early March.  He thinks he may need to use a fairly complicated procedure where he implants a device not unlike a stent to connect the third ventricle to the fourth to complete the drainage.  There are a lot of blood vessels and critical nerve pathways around the fourth ventricle, so it would be better to wait until Madison is older.  Unfortunately the increasing pressure, likely evidenced with her eye crossing, has made the surgery a nearer term requirement.  Given the complexity, the surgeon is going to consult with a pediatric surgeon in Colorado Springs who has more experience with this procedure.  Ideally, we will schedule the surgery at a time when the other doctor can attend the procedure in person.  In the meantime, we have another MRI to do in a about a week to see how the last surgery is working.


Otherwise everyone is doing fine.  Madison is eating more than she ever has and is getting closer and closer to Chloe, our heavy weight champion of the dining table.  Noah seems to be eating better, so we might try and increase his food a little bit too.  Even though he is eating the least, they are all eating way more than your average one month old (age since term due date), so nutrition is not an issue for now.

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