More pictures

Here are some more pictures from what has been going on:
You want diapers?  We got ’em.  Here is one day’s worth.
You wouldn’t have dirty diapers with out bottles.  Here again is one days worth.
Madison and Dad get some time during the last NICU stay.
We tried Chloe in a sling.  You can see she is a little excited.
Noah and Chloe get close:
Madison snuggles with Joan, a nanny that helps from time to time.
Mom and the three in their usual poses, Madison asleep, Noah complaining and Chloe wide-eyed.
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One Response to More pictures

  1. Coleen says:

    My name is Coleen (I am the oldest of Sandy\’s 7 children I am the one with the daughter who made Sandy a great grandmother) and my mom is going to be the new nanny for your children and she is so excited about this. She called me and was bragging about your web page and made me go look at it. Your babies are absolutely adorable, you will not be disappointed with my mom. I have a my space as well and if you want to see pictures of our baby please feel free to take a look. I should be under Coleen Wiegand. I look forward to meeting you and your family some day soon.

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