Latest on Madison

Some good news, some not-great news and some unknowns for Madison.  The doctor reviewed the MRI, and it was pretty much as he expected.  The connected spaces appear to be draining, which is good.  Unfortunately, the middle space on the left looks like it is not connected to the rear left and is not draining.  Madison will need another procedure in the next couple of weeks to connect that space to a space that is draining.  On a positive note, her fourth ventricle (in the middle and below the others), appears to have less pressure on it today.  The space measures smaller in size, and there is visible fluid around the spinal column, which also indicates less pressure.  It’s possible that the fourth ventricle is communicating with a space we are now draining.  If true, this would be great news as it could save Madison yet another surgery a few months down the road.  She’ll probably have a follow up MRI in a couple of weeks which will tell us more.


Madison spiked a fever yesterday, which could have been really bad news if it meant an infection.  Her fever came back down after a few hours and has been normal ever since.  She has had cultures done on her cervical spinal fluid, her blood and urine, and so far nothing bad has turned up.  It will take at least 24 hours (Friday afternoon) from the start of the culture to get any real results we can be comfortable with.  Since her fever came down and the visual examination of her fluids showed nothing, we are optimistic.


Madison is also totally off oxygen for pretty much the first time since she was born.  Nurse Jeni took her off yesterday morning, and she has been solid as a rock from an oxygen saturation perspective ever since.  She has also been eating well since recovering from anesthesia.  All in all, she is recovering much quicker and stronger than after the last procedure.  If her cultures come back as negative and her fever does not reappear, she will be back home tomorrow (Saturday).  Knock on wood.

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