Surgery will be at 12:30

Madison is scheduled to go into surgery at 12:30 this afternoon (Wednesday).  I spoke briefly to the surgeon this morning and he is planning on moving the valve back towards the front so it is easier to hook up the three catheters.  The fluid continues to accumulate faster than they would like, so they manually drained another 15cc this morning.  That makes for a total 60cc in the last 48 hours (about 2 oz.).  Ideally they would have liked not to have done another manual drain which adds more risk of infection, but the pressure was clearly making Madison uncomfortable.  She was not able to keep her food down, she has been very fussy, she has been smacking her lips and she has been stretching her legs out in a locked position.  These are all signs she will give us that the pressure in her brain is increasing.


We’ll let people know how things went after the surgery.

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