Surgery update

Things went, but not as well as we would have hoped.  We handed Madison over to surgery at 12:30pm and didn’t get her back until 6:00pm  She was pretty disoriented and upset after such a long procedure.  The child in the bed next to her was equally upset with her own procedure, and post-op recovery was a long 30 minutes.  Now, she is safely back up in the NICU along with her appetite.


The surgeon was able to connect the two catheters on the right side to the same valve.  He was also able to connect a third catheter on the left side to the valve.  The issue he ran into was that he was not able to connect the two fluid-filled spaces on the left side.  So, the one in the rear will drain as planned, but the one more towards the front probably won’t.  The issue was that the inside of Madison’s ventricles are very scarred.  Once the doctor was in there with the endoscope, there were no recognizable features (veins, etc) to guide his progress; the scar tissue was obscuring everything.  So, rather than trying to punch though a random membrane in the hopes of connecting the two spaces, he played it safe and left the second space alone for now.  There is a small chance the two spaces are connected somewhere we can’t see, but that is unlikely.  What this means is that Madison will need another procedure to address the second space on her left side.  If she is lucky, they might just be able to draw out the fluid with a needle, but otherwise she may need another surgery to actually connect the spaces.  She will get an MRI tomorrow to see how things look.  


We’ll let people know as we know more.

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