Back to the ER for Madison

We took Madison back to the Children’s ER last night (Sunday).  She was having difficulty eating, and eventually couldn’t hold down food.  This is one of the warning signs of increasing cranial pressure, so we decided another trip to the hospital was in order.  Rather than expose her to more radiation with a CT scan, which would be the normal diagnostic course, they decided she could wait until Monday morning when she had an already-scheduled MRI.  Julie stayed with her in the ER observation area over night, and I came home to get some sleep.  I was the night nanny over the weekend, and had not had much sleep since Friday.  Julie is not much better off sleep-wise, but there is a bed for her in the OR room where they placed Madison.  Julie called at around 1:30 to let us know that they needed to increase Madison’s oxygen, but the doctors still felt she could hold off until the MRI.  If her condition really deteriorated, they wouldn’t be able to wait and would have to run the CT scan.


Julie’s friend Lisa is here for the week, and she is able to care for Noah and Chloe when I head back to the hospital this morning.  The MRI is at 10am, and our consult to review the results with our neurosurgeon is at 11am.  I’ll keep people posted as I can.

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