Madison comes home again and a general update

Madison was discharged from her fourth and last NICU this morning, and we are all at home again.  Feedings now take from 90 minutes to two hours need to be repeated every three hours.  Not much going on here but baby, baby, baby.  Madison and Noah are still on oxygen, although the level they are getting is extremely small.  We get the results of Noah’s oxygen test later this week, so hopefully he will be freed of that accessory.  Madison was tested in the NICU and isn’t quite ready yet.  They are all gaining weight nicely; Noah was 6lbs 11oz last week, and Madison broke 7lbs a couple of days ago.  Chloe tipped the scale at 7lbs 8oz last week, and looks at portly as she weighs.  Madison is growing tall, and Chloe is growing wide.  Noah must just be solid muscle, just like his dad.
It’s been a while since we posted pictures, so here are some photos from the past couple of weeks.
Chloe looks ready to eat.  She gets crazed with hunger at meal time, and still has the best expressions.  When you compare her to when she was born (3lbs),, she looks like she was inflated.
How do you soothe triplets?  We’re still trying to figure that one out.  However as they say, "Two out of three ain’t bad".
Madison contiues to scootch over in the crib to be near the others.
Drue came to visit over the holidays and was a huge help with the kids. 

One warm Saturday, we took the kids on their first walk.  Here are the kiddos in the triplet stroller.
I stubbed my toe trying to make it to a late night feeding.  I stubbed it so badly, evenually my whole foot bruised over.  Three weeks later, it still hurts.
If you plan on taking care of triplets, I strongly advise you not to stub your toe this badly.  It does not matter what a great idea it seems at the time.
As you know by now, Madison went back to the hospital to have her shunt revised.  Here is a nurse working on her in her room at the Children’s Hospital.  Through the most amazing coincidence, we were put in a room that had been funded through a gift from Brad and Hannah Dusto.  Brad is my boss’s boss at Comcast.
We took Noah and Chloe to visit Madison in the hospital for a day.  Here they are sleeping together in Madison’s crib (left to right Noah, Madison and Chloe)
Hospitals must make Chloe nervous.  She spit up all over Dad, the chair he was sitting in and a good portion of the floor.
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