Madison’s surgery went well

The surgery went as well as we could have expected.  Madison has enlarged ventricles and cysts that run down both sides of her brain.  When our doctor reviewed the MRI, the challenge he faced was how to drain the collecting fluid from these spaces with a minimum amount of surgery and hardware.  In yesterday’s surgery, he was able to connect the major collection sites on the right side of her brain such that they all drain through a single shunt.  The fewer shunts you have, the less chance of failure in the future.  He still has not addressed the left side in a permanent fashion, but was able to drain off 15cc of fluid manually with a needle to help relieve some pressure.  As it was, the surgery took three hours, and he felt enough was enough for one day for such a small patient.  We’ll see how Madison does, and use that information to pick the date to surgically address the fluid on the left side.  She has a baseline MRI today (Friday) to size the fluid spaces in her head, and that will be compared to another one in a couple of weeks to determine the rate of growth if there is any.


Julie has been staying with Madison at the hospital during the days and most nights.  Meanwhile, I’ve been taking care of the other two at home.  We want to thank everyone for the food; that has been very helpful.

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