Christmas in the NICU and more

As with every day, we spent the holiday in the NICU with the kids.  We brought Chloe with us so we could all be together for the day.  Bill’s sister Beccy is visiting for the week, and she is really getting to know her nieces and nephew up close and personal.
Kids in their Santa hats.  Chloe just ate, so you can see the food coma has taken over. Left to right, Chloe, Noah, and Madison.
Aunt Beccy prepares to meet the business end of Madison
Still smiling, Aunt Beccy survived the daiper (and the dozens that followed during her visit).
Back home, Choe enjoys a "spa treatment" (aka bathtime).  Note at this size, her bathtub is a large, plastic, stationairy container.
Yummy.  After a long day (actually after only three hours), it’s time to eat again.  You really get a sense of how small they are from this picture of Dad feeding Chloe.  That is a 4oz bottle for scale.  Chloe eats (in theory) every three hours during the day and every four hours at night.  Sometimes she forgets the theory and she’ll be fussy after two or we’ll have to wake her after four.  Keeping to the schedule is critical in preparation of the other two coming home.
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