Update on the others

I’ve written so much about Chloe lately, I thought it would be a good time to update everyone on Madison and Noah.


Noah is over 5lbs, amazingly, and is rapidly closing the gap in weight with his sisters.  If he keeps up this trend, he could be the heaviest in a week or two.  He is starting to bottle feed more consistently and takes as many as three feedings (of eight) in a day from a bottle.  The rest of his feedings are still via a tube, and he won’t come home until he can take all of his food from a bottle.  It’s not unusual for a baby to suddenly just “get it”, so it would not be a huge shock if Noah came home in the next week or two.


Drinking from a bottle is really hard work for a preemie, and it’s not out of the norm for them to lose weight in their first try as they expend more energy than they can take in.  Noah is also starting to get more expressive.  Very young preemies never get very alert and spend most of their time asleep or with their eyes barely open.  As they get older, they have more alert periods and start to act more like a full term baby.  Noah is having those alert periods more often, and his signature “what the hell are you doing to me; just feed me through the tube and leave me alone” expression is most visible during burping.  I’ll see if I can post a picture of him burping so you can see what I mean.


Madison is also progressing in her feedings.  She can take anywhere from a half to three quarters of a bottle a couple of times a day.  She still has a little way to go yet, so it is unlikely she would be home until January.  Her shunt is working as advertised, and she is a totally different baby than before the surgery.  She can be very alert and interactive, especially during feedings.  Once we get a better timeline for her release, we can start to think about scheduling her surgery for the permanent shunt.


I have to sneak in a quick update on Chloe.  She is remarkable in the progress she has been making.  She is alert all time, which is amazing since she should not have been born for another three and a half weeks.  She is increasing her feeds, and last night was a little doll who gave Daddy no trouble at all.

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One Response to Update on the others

  1. Unknown says:

    Bill & Julie – So happy to read things are going well.  The pics are fantastic!!  Julie looks great!  It\’s just a pleasure to read these updates … Bill, you are too funny!  I love the way you write (vet vs. doctor, exploding poo). I can\’t read your posting without laughing out loud, which causes people walking by my office to ask what\’s so funny.  So, I hope you don\’t mind but there are several people that neither of you know personally that are reading about your amazing story and wishing you all the best.  How blessed the two of you are!! Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!!  Take care, Sande Gross

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