Chloe’s first days at home

Before you become a parent, you hear about a range of emotions that you just can’t imagine until you are holding a child of your own.  One of these certainly is the bond that develops between a father and a child.  Chloe has only been home for two days, and I can truly say that nothing ties these bonds tighter than a massive 3am diaper blowout.  I’m talking about a blowout that not only grossly (pun intended) exceeds expectations, but a blowout that escapes both logic and gravity.  A 5 pound baby simply should not be able to poop out what seems like 100 pounds of poo.  Again, Chloe has been in our house for just a hair over two days, yet I have had every one of her bodily secretions get on me at least once.  I think the NFL fines players thousands of dollars for doing to each other what Chloe does to me every time she takes a bottle.  It’s funny, when you have a new baby every buys clothes for the baby.  What they really should be doing is buying clothes for the parents.  The baby really doesn’t seem to care.


Our dogs have totally adjusted.  Maggie sneaks in her kisses on Chloe’s head, and Morgan took a first sniff and went on about her life of soliciting games of fetch.  The all night feedings are now a non-event for them, and they rarely get our of their beds to follow the proceedings unless they hear a real blowout in progress.  It’s much easier to trip a sleep deprived owner in a darkened room when he is focused on rapidly flying poo.


Chloe is really starting to settle in.  She was very fussy the first night, but she has calmed down significantly.  We actually had to wake her up for a couple of feedings today.


Chloe also had her first visit to the pediatrician.  For those of you yet to have kids, you are required to bring your new baby to their pediatrician within a day or two of coming home from the hospital.  They tell you it is to make sure the baby is gaining weight, etc. and to set a good baseline for your medical professional.  The real reason is that you need to bring the baby to the doctor within the first 48 hours or you risk voiding the baby’s warranty (non-parents, that is a joke).  Our pediatrician (I keep wanting to say “our vet” for some reason) is super, and we all got a great feeling from him.  Chloe checked out great, but we need to go back in two weeks for her two month appointment.  She is getting some shots, so please don’t tell her.

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